Ministry to the Jew 1st: Prayer & Praise

This past year has been exciting as the Lord has opened up new doors and kept open other doors to share the Good News of Messiah “to the Jew first and also to the Gentile!” Here are a few of the many reasons we have for praising the Lord:

Blessings from 2014:

Ministry in Israel:  
  • Toward the end of 2013, in Beersheva, Israel, Sam was a guest speaker at the Negev Conference. There were many Israelis who came to faith; praise the Lord!
  • In January, 2014, Sam conducted a five-day seminar on congregational planting at the Israel College of the Bible. Miriam taught a one-day women’s conference in Petah Tikvah.
  • In northern Israel, the Nadlers assisted with a new congregation led by Moshe and Batel.
Church Outreach:
  • Throughout 2014, Sam conducted weekly visits to churches to share the Good News and saw many people accept Yeshua into their lives. There is a growing interest in the Body of Messiah to bring the Good News to the Jewish people.
Men’s Ministry:  
  • The 2014 Southeast Messianic Men’s Conference was held at Lake Junaluska, NC, over Labor Day weekend.
Women’s Ministry:  
  • Throughout 2014, Miriam has been invited to be a guest speaker at churches as well as at conferences.
  • In February, Miriam spoke at Beth Zion’s Women’s Retreat.
  • In January 2015, Miriam will be the Keynote speaker at a conference for women missionaries to the Jewish people. She is meeting with many women to share Messiah, disciple them in the faith, and encourage them in their godly walk and service.
Congregation Planting:  
  • 2014 saw continual development of  new congregation plants in Columbia, SC, Monroe, NC, Roanoke, VA, and Northern California.
  • In February, 2014, Sam and Miriam conducted the East Coast of Florida Planters Conference.
  • In June, 2014, they held a Growing Healthy Messianic Congregations Conference in Boston, MA.
Passover Season Outreach: 
  • From February through April 2014, at least 24 people came to Messiah through Passover Seder outreaches.
New DVD Series and Radio Interviews:  
  • In April, 2014, Sam’s New DVD Series, ” Redeemed – Seeing the Messiah in the Book of Ruth,” was completed and published resulting in a multitude of radio interviews with Sam throughout the US.

Prayer for 2015-2016:

 New books in the works: 
  • A follow-up book to “Planting Healthy Messianic Congregations,” to be used in future Conferences.
  • Another new book, “Messianic Marriage Matters,”  to be used in congregation planting, will hopefully be coming out some time in 2015. We need stronger marriages and families to reach the greater Jewish community family by family.  Please pray with us as we would like to see both of these books finished and published in the upcoming year.
Ongoing ministry activities:  
  • Throughout 2015, Sam will be training, coaching and assisting new planters on-site and through Skype meetings. Miriam will be teaching, encouraging, and reaching out to the wives of these young leaders and new planters.
Ministry Month by month:  
  • January, 2015: Congregation Planters Conference in Tampa, Florida
  • February, 2015: Leadership Training for 20 Congregation Planters in Israel
  • February 2015: Evangelistic Outreach in northern Israel
  • Late February-April, 2015: Passover Outreaches all along the East Coast
  • April, 2015: Leadership training in Texas
  • May, 2015: Shavuot (Pentecost) Outreaches all along the East Coast
  • June, 2015: Leadership Training Conferences and Outreaches in Virginia, Missouri, and North Carolina
  • July-August, 2015: Speaking in numerous churches about God’s great burden for the lost sheep of the house of Israel
  • Labor Day Weekend, 2015: Messianic Men’s Conference, “Training Men for the Work of God”
  • September-October, 2015: Fall Festival Outreaches (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot)
  • October, 2015: Congregation Planters Conference in Texas
  • December, 2015: Hanukkah Outreaches
  • Early 2016: Congregation Planters Conference in Arizona
  • Mid 2016: Congregation Planters Conference in Eastern Canada
  • June, 2016: “Renew the Fire” Conference in England
  • Fall 2016: Congregation Planters Conference in the New York area
Thank you for standing with us as we continue to bring the Good News to the Jew first, both here and around the world! Are you amazed at all these open doors? There have not been this many Jewish people coming to faith since the first century! Where God is at work, we must be at work. But let us now trust God for even more doors to be opened for the Good News of Messiah, by His grace and for His glory!

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