A congregation can be no stronger than the marriages that make it up. Therefore, in order to have healthy Messianic congregations, we must have spiritually strong marriages.


We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Restored to Our Original Design
Messianic Marriage Matters Conference

“Not another self-help marriage seminar?!!” you may ask.  Far from it!  From Eden until today, marriage is the most attacked and misunderstood institution, often resulting in frustration and failure, as well as being the object of mockery in a cynically divided and defiled society.

It takes spiritually healthy individuals to have spiritually healthy relationships of any kind, and healthy relationships are essential to having a healthy community.  The more intimate and committed the relationship’s nature, the healthier the individuals must be in order to attain that healthy relationship.

Our secular culture has essentially misunderstood the institution of marriage.  Where can we look for clarity?  Whether you are happily married, struggling in your marriage, hoping to marry one day, or even for those not called to marriage, this conference will provide a biblically rooted understanding of God’s purposes for you.

Join us as Dr. Sam Nadler brings his insights to a comprehensive analysis of God’s purposes for marriage and the roles of husband and wife.


What makes a great book? At least four factors go into the making of a great book. First, a great book must be truthful. In other words, can we trust it? Second, a great book must be inspiring; does it move us? Third, a great book must be comprehensive: is it thorough? And fourth, a great book must be practical: can we use it?

Dr. Sam Nadler, in his recent book, Messianic Marriage Matters: Restored to Our Original Design (Charlotte, NC, 2019) has captured all four of these factors.

But first, a disclaimer: If you have the perfect marriage, don’t purchase Dr. Nadler’s book. You won’t need it. But if you are like the rest of us, grab it as fast as you can. Mary and I have been married for almost fifty-four years, forty-nine of those years in a formal marriage ministry. But we still found Sam’s book to be the most truthful, inspiring, comprehensive, and practical book now available on marriage. There is no book on marriage like it.

Dr. Nadler’s Messianic Marriage Matters is divided into two major parts:

  • Part I: “The Foundation of Marriage” (Chapters 1-5, an in-depth study of Genesis 1-3)
  • Part II: “The Restoration of Marriage” (Chapters 6-10, building on Genesis 1-3, an in-depth study of the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures on a Messianic Marriage, plus the New Covenant/New Testament also on a Messianic Marriage)

Dr. Nadler has also left marginal spaces on each page so that we can personally interact with the material, or by also interacting with the material during one of his Messianic Marriage Matters Seminars. And amazingly, Dr. Nadler has tacked on twenty-one appendices at the end of the book (from#1: “The Order of Human Creation” to #21: “Traditional Jewish Wedding Vows”). Talk about biblical, messianic, and inclusive!

Get Messianic Marriage Matters: Restored to Our Original Design for yourself, for your marriage, for your friends, and especially for your enemies (they really need it).

 Barry R. Leventhal, Ph.D.

Distinguished Senior Professor

Southern Evangelical Seminary

Former Founder and Co-Director, Christian Family Life, Inc. (1971 – 2022)

This conference is for you if you want to:

  • Strengthen the marriages of existing leadership

  • Cultivate spiritual maturity for existing members to grow into leadership

  • Nurture the marriages of the membership

  • Establish strong families in their congregation

  • Deepen their ability to counsel couples in their congregation

Just as our cars need routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly, every marriage can use a tune-up now and then.



Will give you, your leaders, and your members the Biblical foundation and teaching that is needed to be restored to God’s original design in marriage.

In this two-day conference, you and your members will learn how to:

  • Relate to each other in a way that honors the Lord

  • Serve each other and the Lord together so you can grow…together

  • Evaluate which areas are (and are not) dedicated to God in your marriage

  • Quit the “blame game” and figure out whether you are resenting God or each other

  • How to have a Spirit-led marriage according to Scripture

  • Bonus: Spend time after each session discussing questions with your spouse that are designed to edify each other and begin immediate change!

Meet Your Guide

For years, Sam has provided one-on-one Biblical marriage counseling—both to couples in the congregations he planted and some of the congregational leaders he mentored. Sam was pouring God’s Word into these precious people’s hearts and homes.

As Sam interacted with congregation leaders, he observed the need to address congregational health on a more fundamental level. He notes, “The key to a strong congregation is not just a strong pulpit. It has to do with families. The local body of Messiah is made up of families.”


“We have been married 33 years and wish we would have received this kind of instruction prior to getting married, it would have helped with the excess baggage we brought into the marriage.  We both came from broken homes where our fathers walked out on our mothers for other woman, so neither of us had a godly male role model in our lives.   We worked through many of our struggles with Adonai’s grace in Messiah Yeshua. My husband and I plan on going over the book weekly as well do study the details.”

-Messianic Leaders in Chicago
Virtual Marriage Conference

“We fell in love again!”

-Messianic Congregation Member
Virtual Marriage Conference

“This was not your typical marriage conference in that one is told practical ways to resolve marital issues, but Biblical truths were prioritized as the means of counseling. Thank you.  Sometimes in life we need to revisit the past as a means of counseling for the future.  I felt as if I took a 180* turn back to the “Garden of Eden” in order to properly understand the purpose of it all which is God’s divine design for marriage we are called to for His will and Kingdom purpose.”

-Messianic Congregation Member
Charlotte Conference

“The breakout sessions were very helpful! We were able to immediately practice and discuss the issues.”

-Messianic Congregation Member
Charlotte Conference

“…the sessions were great. It is truly amazing what scripture reveals about marriage and unity and simply universal rules. No need to look anywhere else for instruction! I found the session informative and transformative. The Word of God heals division and pain. A renewed acceptance and open heart made this particularly applicable to me and very thankful I made the time to participate. Will now endeavor to read the book and continue along the path of growth. The Word of God remains inspiring and uplifting.  Special thanks to the leader of the break out session [for men who were attending without their spouse]. I felt God’s blessing and healing when he prayed for me. Thank you so much.”

-Messianic Congregation Member
Virtual Marriage Conference

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