What is a Messianic congregation?

Messianic Congregations are made up of Jewish and Gentile Believers in Yeshua who worship together and understand their calling to proclaim Yeshua “to the Jew first, and equally the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16)

Why do we need Messianic Congregations?

In order to maintain a Jewish identity, there must be a Jewish community. In order to effectively testify of the Good News of Yeshua to the Jewish people, there must be a Messianic Jewish community.

A Messianic congregation communicates more effectively that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. It declares the faithfulness of God, that He has not forsaken a people whom He foreknew (Romans 11:1-2).

Are Messianic Congregations worth all the work?

Jewish ministry could seem to cost too much for too little gain. Yet, in God’s sight, it is worth every sacrifice. Why? It is worth it because the Messianic congregation is the most effective expression of the Good News to the Jewish people and all people—precisely because it effectively communicates the faithfulness of God, that He has not forsaken a people whom He foreknew (Romans 11:1-2).

Though Jews and Gentiles are equal in Messiah, the truth is that Jews remain Jews without any trace of sinful pride, while Gentiles remain Gentiles without any sense of inequality. This presents the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant in Messiah Yeshua—Jewish and Gentile believers honoring Yeshua as Lord in unity and love.

Has God rejected the Jewish people?

Absolutely not! Romans 11 was meant to answer this critical question. If God could forsake the Jewish people to whom He had made so many promises, then who could ever be secure in the promises from a God who breaks His Word (Jeremiah 31:31-37)?

The faithfulness of God is seen in the Jewish remnant according to grace, as seen in Romans 11:1-10. Paul views himself (11:1), along with the testimony of Elijah (11:2-4) and all Jewish believers at “this present time” (11:5-6), as constituting one proof of God’s faithfulness, that He has not rejected His people. In light of the Jewish remnant, we see that Israel’s national unbelief is only partial (11:1-10). This remnant is the guarantee; the down payment, as it were, of the future national revival.

How do Messianic Congregations fulfill the testimony of God?

The primary function of any congregation is as a disciple-making center, even as the Lord’s faithfulness is fully seen in a discipled believer. The undiscipled believer is an unfaithful believer. Our faithfulness is to demonstrate the faithfulness of God in Messiah, since we are to reflect Him (1 Peter 1:15Leviticus 19:2).

Just as God is committed to keep the Jewish people as a people, so every believer is to have this same commitment.

When the child of a Jewish believer does not say, “I am a Jew” (Acts 22:3), but instead proclaims through his words or action, “I think my dad or mom was Jewish,” this does not just reflect a poor testimony of the body of Messiah, but also reflects poor discipleship.

This in turn only gives Messiah a bad name in the Jewish community, but the real failure was the breach in following Yeshua.

Do Messianic Congregations teach Torah observance for salvation?

The congregations that Word of Messiah plants teach that salvation comes by faith in Messiah Yeshua alone. He is the only way—not just to Heaven, but also to eternal life now, whether for unbelieving Gentiles or religious Jews.

The section of Romans 3:21-31 was meant to teach clearly that there is only one way of salvation, and His name is Yeshua!

How do Gentiles fit in Messianic Congregations?

Gentile believers have a beautiful and unique calling in Messiah. Gentile ministry to the Jewish people is evidence of the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant in Yeshua, a testimony to Israel that Yeshua is the Messiah.

Gentile believers must embrace their calling as Gentiles to make Israel jealous by mercy and love. The job of Gentile ministry is not merely to give a token of effort to Jewish ministry, but to reveal God’s desperate love for Israel and all lost people!

Do congregations that get planted or developed by WMM become WMM congregations?

No. Leaders come from all over the world to Word of Messiah Ministries for the training to plant or develop their own congregations.

We do not “own” any part of the congregation. Our goal is to help Messianic leaders have healthy and effective Messianic congregations that are reaching out to their communities to bring the lost sheep of the House of Israel to recognize, call upon, and be discipled in the truth that Yeshua is their Messiah.

How does Word of Messiah Ministres work with churches?

Help bring Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jewish people.