DHMC Boot Camp for Messianic Congregation Planters

Would you love to see a Messianic congregation in your area? You wonder what is involved. You’re asking if you even have what it takes. Where do you begin before you begin?

In this Boot Camp, Sam Nadler walks potential planters through the biblical foundations—the DNA—that undergirds a congregation that is firmly established from the start. You’ll learn why evangelism and discipleship are “primary matters” and how to implement them.

If Sam doesn’t address all of your concerns during each of the ten sessions, you can ask your own questions during hourly Q&A.

Your registration also includes your spouse. If you have others who want to join you in planting, encourage them to register as well so they can catch the vision (and receive the information) first-hand. Register online now for our next conference.

  • Do you live in an area that NEEDS a Messianic Congregation, and you want to know what it takes to START one?
  •  Are you someone looking to LEAD a congregation someday?
  • Are you willing to COME ALONGSIDE a leader and be part of a CORE GROUP in a new congregation plant?
  • Are you looking to learn what IS involved in the DNA of a healthy congregation?

Join Sam Nadler for an interactive online conference for would-be Messianic planters designed to help establish and further develop Messianic congregations.

This conference is the FIRST STEP in establishing the groundwork for a healthy, biblically-grounded assembly, before you ever invite people to a Bible study.

Sam is a 40+ year veteran Messianic congregation planter. Word of Messiah was borne out of Sam’s passion to SHARE RESOURCES and to ENCOURAGE  congregation planters and leaders to apply the Biblical leadership practice and principles found in God’s Word.

After you attend this conference, Sam will be available to continue to mentor you! (You may want to also attend our “Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations” conference as your next step!)

Meet Your Guide

Sam Nadler is founder and president of Word of Messiah Ministries. In his 40+ years of Messianic ministry, Sam has focused on raising leaders who plant Messianic congregations and make disciples.

Sam mentors Messianic leaders around the world and has conducted conferences for Messianic planters and leaders throughout North and South America, Israel, and Europe. Sam has written multiple books on Messianic congregation planting, discipleship, outreach, the Feasts of Israel, and a foundational work, The Israel Factor.

"Given the different leadership roles and congregational dynamics of our group, Sam did an excellent job objectively presenting material that was relevant to us all, for present and future, individual and congregational development.  Sam masterfully addressed leadership issues in an unassuming and inoffensive way, which was unique and sensitive to different individuals and congregations."

-Ron Leef, Elder at Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue
Tampa, FL

"The conference was comprehensive and compelling, and one couldn't complete the weekend without a strong desire to put the material we learned into action.  We got a very good overview, as well as enough details for full understanding.  Implementing all we learned can sure be daunting, but that is why we have Ruach HaKodesh!"

-Lew Wayburn, Messianic Congregation Planter
Columbia, SC

“The conference weekend was well spent in our time of learning, fellowship, and prayer.  My congregation as well as the other rabbis who attended were blessed with excellent material.  Thank you again for all of your hard work and tender care for us who endeavor to build healthy Messianic congregations.”


-Rabbi Henry Morse, Sha’ar Hashamayim Messianic Congregation
Stoughton, MA

Let us help guide you through the process so you can be a disciple-maker for Yeshua in Jewish communities.