Plant a Messianic Congregation

Nurture your current assembly

Make disciples for Yeshua

Impact your community for the Kingdom


We’ll guide you every step of the way.

If you don’t have a clear plan for planting your congregation, it most likely will not develop past a small home group.

It’s a sobering reality, but the truth is, planting a Messianic congregation requires a specific strategy, and the work is labor-intensive. If you don’t have someone to guide you through it, you’re left to figure it out on your own which could take years through trial and error.

You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel! This world needs Messianic planters like you who are willing to do what it takes to bring the Good News of Yeshua to the Jewish people in a way that will last for generations.

Let us help guide you through the process so you can be a disciple-maker for Yeshua in Jewish communities.

Congregational Development Conference

At a “Congregational Development Conference,” you will be equipped and encouraged in your role as a Congregation Planter or Congregational Leader.  We cap each conference to a size that allows for interaction and individual attention to address the issues that are specific to your needs.

Already have a congregation but would like to see it grow and flourish? If you are a Congregational Leader, let us help you develop as a center of worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism, reaching out as a testimony of God’s faithfulness to the Jewish and non-Jewish community around you.
Our conferences are designed not only to assist you as a leader, but also to further equip your team of leaders in your congregation, as well as their spouses.

Create a clear plan. Identify the challenges.
Celebrate your progress.

Even if you have a desire to start a Messianic congregation, if you don’t have a clear plan to start, it could take years of trial and error before you finally get to a place of stability and growth.

It’s common to feel like you’re alone in the process or be so overwhelmed with all the needs that you want to quit before you even begin. There’s no need for you to feel this way!

Our Leadership Conference will give you practical tools along with customized coaching so you can confidently plant your congregation with a clear plan of action.

It’s a fact: the most effective long-term witness of God’s faithfulness to the Jewish people is a healthy Messianic congregation.

You already know this, which is why you want to plant a Messianic Congregation!

Let Word of Messiah Ministries give you the tools and coaching you need to make sure your congregation is an effective long-term witness.

Over the course of two days, you’ll receive:

  • A clear understanding of your congregation’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Coaching and troubleshooting from Sam Nadler for your congregation’s issues.
  • Resources to help you adapt to adversity in the midst of trials.
  • Tools to address the practical health of your congregation and the spiritual health of your members.
  • A clear plan you can implement immediately.
  • Bonus: Access to future 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Sam Nadler.

This conference is for you if you need help with:

      • Unifying your leaders to be all on the same page

      • Evaluating your systems and getting teams up and running

      • Troubleshooting your congregation’s areas of need

      • Implementing a plan for the desired direction of growth for your congregation

      • Shepherding your congregation to grow in maturity and service

A clear plan on how to start a Messianic congregation will help to avoid years of trial and error. Our leadership conference will give you practical tools along with customized live coaching so that you can confidently plant your congregation.

Meet Your Guide

Sam Nadler is founder and president of Word of Messiah Ministries. In his 40+ years of Messianic ministry, Sam has focused on raising leaders who plant Messianic congregations and make disciples.

Sam mentors Messianic leaders around the world and has conducted conferences for Messianic planters and leaders throughout North and South America, Israel, and Europe. Sam has written multiple books on Messianic congregation planting, discipleship, outreach, the Feasts of Israel, and a foundational work, The Israel Factor.

Leadership Conference Testimonials:

“I’ve been in Messianic ministry since 1982, and I wish I had the opportunity to go through a course like this 20 years ago. I see these conferences as being very helpful for leaders starting out in ministry, as they detail every area of ministry they will encounter. This type of training on establishing and developing healthy congregations is invaluable. I have not seen this kind of training before in the Messianic movement, and I wish I had known about Sam’s ministry earlier.

-Jamie Shapiro, leader of Adat Yeshua
Albuquerque, NM

“What most impressed me about this conference was the supreme need for discipleship in Messianic congregations.  We are the visible testimony of Yeshua in the communities where He’s placed us.  Without proper discipleship and spiritual growth, we do Him a disservice by showing forth an anemic testimony.  I really appreciate Sam’s burden for Messianic congregations to be healthy and effective.”

-Rabbi Irving Salzman, Beth Messiah Congregation
Livingston, NJ

“If we plant a congregation, this is the only way we are going to do it. You’re the only one that is teaching how to do this. We want to walk alongside that [framework].”

-Randy, future Messianic Planter

“This conference was very helpful for me as a Messianic leader, and I would definitely recommend other Messianic Leaders to attend future WMM conferences.  When we as leaders start to think we understand everything and are ok running things on our own, this is dangerous.  Sam’s ability to relate and apply Scripture to the matter of how to build and structure a Messianic congregation is excellent.”

-Roeh Billy Washburn, Shearit Yisrael
Poteet, TX

“This has been perfect for us. This is a great framework in our preparation for the ministry God has sent us to in Ghana. We needed a playbook.

-Isaac, Messianic Planter

“This conference was phenomenal and a great learning experience for our congregation.  It was very important for us as we are an older congregation and really needed a “shot in the arm’ regarding a refreshed vision of the place and purpose of a Messianic congregation.  I appreciated the focus on discipleship and the practical guidance in how to move forward in implementing the things we learned at the conference.”

-Rabbi Randy Shapiro, Congregation Beth Simcha
San Antonio, TX

“For someone who’s not yet in congregational leadership, Sam provided a roadmap for how to get there, backed with a tremendous amount of experience and expertise.”

-Jack N

Despite church planting training at Moody and Dallas Theological Seminary and experience here in Canada, nothing has been able to help and guide me like Sam’s coaching ministry. Let me say it another way: Sam’s coaching has caused our Mosaic Fellowship to thrive, reaching new believers and making new disciples for the Messiah…. God has used Sam and his coaching ministry and our congregational plant is making a measurable impact on the Jewish community of Calgary.”


-Michael Vowel, Messianic Congregation Planter
Calgary, Canada

Let us help guide you through the process so you can be a disciple-maker for Yeshua in Jewish communities.