WMM’s March 2024 In-Person Boot Camp

Grateful and Hungry to Learn

Word of Messiah’s Messianic Congregation Planters Boot Camp on March 2-3, 2024, provided two dozen people with foundational truths for the heart and mind. The participants ranged from a teenager looking to see how God may use him, ready-to-plant couples and individuals, to retired empty-nesters. Sam Nadler used his textbook, Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations, his dynamic PowerPoint presentation, and his always-present stash of personal examples to communicate a wealth of information to this room full of grateful and hungry learners.

Effective Management

You have recently prayed with us for the formation and development of the Lynchburg, Virginia, Messianic congregation plant. Several of the core leadership members from that group were registered. (Two of them got sick at the last minute but will be able to experience the conference via the recordings they will receive.) 

David from Florida, a man who came to see what is involved in planting, told us: “As my family and I are considering our involvement as potential planters, this conference gave a realistic picture of ‘where to begin before you begin.’ As a management system auditor, I was impressed by the tools and vision Sam brought forward for the effective management of an organization while maintaining focus on the heart of service to the Body of Messiah.”

Taking Root

Devin and Tracy planted a congregation just before COVID-19 made things crazy. Devin gave us his thoughtful feedback, which helps prove the point that repeated exposure to the same principles helps us absorb the truths!

He wrote, “Though I have been to many Planters Conferences, it is amazing how much I learned by attending again. Whether it is being reminded of what a Healthy Messianic Congregation should look like, or the characteristics of a planter and elder, or just taking a litmus test of how healthy your congregation and leadership are, the first sitting is good. Still, the lessons took root for me on the second and third sitting.

Reaching Out!

“More specifically, I was encouraged about doing Outreach—and it is the responsibility of the planter and those who are partnering in the work not to get complacent with the Shabbat routine. A healthy congregation is one that not only enjoys the blessing of the Lord but also shares what they have with others. Thus, every member of the congregation plant is responsible for Outreach as a demonstration of a healthy believer.”

Devin continues, “I love the visual of the Sea of Galilee being alive with fresh water both entering and leaving, but the Dead Sea is dead because all it does is receive. COVID affected many believers; some felt defeated by government shutdowns, some lived in fear of what was coming next. Others are afraid to share their faith because they see the extreme reactions of those of a different opinion. But faith demands that we trust and not live in fear. So, a healthy believer shares in perfect faith that they need simply to ‘plant the seed’ and trust the Lord will nurture the seed to maturity. 

Developing Leaders in Every Area of Service

“I also appreciated the various ideas for sharing the Good News. It is good to hear new ideas and be reminded that ‘doing outreach wrong is better than not doing any outreach at all.’ Of course, the same example holds true with prayer and reading scripture.

“As a congregation planter, it is important that I lead the congregation plant by example. Don’t expect the members to do what the leader is unwilling to do. Lead by example, promote an attitude of ‘each one reaching one for the Lord,’ and move into discipleship. Solid discipleship is essential for the maturity of the believer. This maturity is necessary as discipleship moves a person into membership, and after greater maturity and training, they move into leadership. None of this is by chance. Every aspect is intentional because we want to see Jew and Gentile saved and see them serve the Body of Messiah to their fulness. At the same time, they are developed into leaders in their homes, the community, and the congregation. All for the glory of the Lord!”

With Accountability comes Discipline

Tracy echoed Devin’s thoughts about Outreach and Discipleship, adding, “The need for ensuring accountability through one-on-one discipleship stood out to me. With discipleship being a lifelong process, it is important to be held accountable so that believers in our group will become disciplined in their walk, or they won’t continue to mature in their faith.” She added, “This image [of the bird] and message were a great reminder. It can be a battle to die to oneself; however, Yeshua instructs us to die daily.”

Please pray for these and others involved in the planting process. Sam mentors many planters and leaders, meeting with some weekly and others monthly. Pray that they would personally be fully dependent on Yeshua, and they would lead others to do the same.

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