Isaac & Audrey Asante

We met Isaac and Audrey Asante during our February 2022 online Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations conference. We learned that they were planning to plant a Messianic congregation where they are ministering in Ghana, West Africa. To encourage them, Word of Messiah mailed a box of Messianic Discipleship books…which never made it to their destination—and miraculously, came back to our office six months later!

When we learned that Audrey was in the states, and coming to Charlotte, I had the honor of handing some Word of Messiah materials directly to Audrey. (See photo) Unless they lose their luggage, these should make it to Ghana this time!

Isaac and Audrey understand the value of the training Word of Messiah offers to them. They recently attended our July 2023 Messianic Marriage Matters conference online. (Isaac was in Ghana, and Audrey was in Virginia at the time. Talk about commitment!) The content of this conference met them on several levels: personally—as a couple; for ministry purposes—as leaders who provide premarital and marriage counseling to others; and professionally—Audrey is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Counseling.

Please pray for the Asantes and others who are pioneering Messianic ministries in places with few, if any, Messianic resources available to them in print. (All of Sam Nadler’s books, as well as Miriam’s, are available in PDF, but there is nothing quite like having a book to hold in your hands!)

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