Growing Healthy Messianic Congregations Conference in Florida

Word of Messiah Ministries is not only bringing the Good News of Messiah to Jewish people worldwide but is also discipling those who come to faith, and then plants congregations as core groups develop. These congregations then function locally as worship centers, outreach centers, and discipleship centers as the ongoing witness in those Jewish communities.

Because of the urgent need for more outreach, more healthy Messianic congregations, and more practical training for new planters, further action had to be taken. So besides continuing our work with various core groups, but also WMM is now conducting regional conferences to make this training more widely available to many more leaders and multiple core groups at one time.

WMM thanks you for your prayers for our conference last month. As supporters, prayer partners, and friends of WMM, we wanted to share how the Lord blessed our work at this conference. About eight Messianic congregations (existing and several about to be planted) as well as a number of Messianic leaders (from Michigan, Connecticut, Brooklyn, NY, and various parts of Florida gathered to attend WMM’s 2014 Regional Messianic Planter’s Conference in Boynton Beach, Florida.

WMM was provided books and materials to help those attending establish, develop and also reproduce Messianic congregations such as Messianic Discipleship and Messianic Foundations, which are already being used in around the United States in Messianic Congregational discipleship programs.

Sam Nadler’s planting manual, Establishing Healthy Messianic Congregations, was the primary text used along with additional information provided in another booklet to give planters and congregational leaders precise instructions on attaining and sustaining spiritual healthiness in the congregations according to the Word of God.

Here at WMM, prayer is central to everything thing that we do. Sam reminded those in attendance that prayer is essential to all effective works of God, especially Messianic congregation planting since the Good News is “to the Jew first” (Romans  1:16), it is the first point of spiritual attack.

Feedback from the results of the conference has been very positive:

Robert Walter, who is preparing to plant a Messianic congregation in Brooklyn, NY said afterward, “The Conference was extremely helpful for both Rich and me. He provided great direction on how vision, values, and relationship with Yeshua must ultimately drive the systems that are put in place…and he went into details of steps to planting a congregation. Really invaluable conference and very glad I went. I would recommend all congregational leaders go through it.”

Derek Blumenthal, who is in leadership in a Messianic congregation in Delray Beach, FL had this to say, “This conference was more beneficial to me and the other leaders of my congregation than I can express. We were challenged to take an honest look at the values and methods we currently uphold and were given the opportunity to learn from Sam’s experience about how we can do it better. We were able to pinpoint our strengths and weaknesses in this intimate setting in order that we might improve our impact both on our current and future congregants. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! HaShem is truly using Sam, Miriam, and Word of Messiah to build up Messianic communities.”

We are asking for prayer as WMM is currently working on our Northeastern Regional Training Conference that will be held in Stoughton, MA in June of this year. Pray that those who attend would be prepared to not only receive the information but that they would readily apply it to their congregations and new congregational plants. Pray that we would be able to give a clear vision to those in attendance about what a sound Messianic congregation looks like and how it should function.​

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