Another Blessed Event!

By Sam Nadler

Word of Messiah presents a blessed event:

Hope of Israel Roanoke (VA)! It is truly amazing to see the Lord’s work birthed in real time!

      On November 18, 2012, under the supervision of Sam Nadler, HOI Roanoke (Va.) had started as a monthly fellowship outreach with the goal of becoming a healthy Messianic congregation through outreach and discipleship. Prior to that Tony & Michelle Mardian attended Word of Messiah’s “Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations’ Conference,” to understand the basic skills and overview of developing a healthy Messianic congregation.

Tony & Michelle met with Sam each week for Skype-coaching. This provided the applicational training to reach out “to the Jew first,” and to then make Messianic disciples who will continue reaching out with the Good News. When they had the basis of a ‘core group’, the whole team attended another Word of Messiah’s “Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations Conference,” so they would all have the same vision and values and, together, they could prayerfully develop plans for growth and development. The Lord gave the increase! Regarding God’s growth from a small seed to blessed fruitfulness, congregation planter and now congregation leader, Tony Mardian says, “Over the past five years by God’s grace, Sam Nadler and Word of Messiah Ministries have been instrumental in the pioneering work of congregational planting here in southwest Virginia.  Through Sam’s consistent prayer, mentoring, coaching, encouragement, discipleship and outreach materials we have progressed through the stages laid out for us in the Word of Messiah’s Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations Conference. Our congregation now has the opportunity to grow to maturity using the principles and tools Sam and Word of Messiah has imparted to us.”  From this one committed couple, there developed a thriving Messianic community. Praise the Lord!

      On November 18, 2017, five years to the day from their first fellowship meeting, the members of Hope of Israel Roanoke were consecrated in prayer as a holy community to Adonai’s glory. Sam, with a group of nine other spiritual leaders from the Roanoke area, prayed in consecrating the four elders for God’s holy service in this congregation. From Genesis 25 & Romans 15:7-9, Sam spoke on “The Birthright Responsibility of the Messianic Congregation” –what Esau despised, Yeshua confirmed!  In the exaltation of Yeshua, a new Messianic synagogue was born! What a tremendous blessing to celebrate what the Lord has accomplished! Please join Word of Messiah Ministries with prayer and praise for Hope of Israel Roanoke!

      Pray, too, for the other planters that Sam is privileged to coach and encourage. And pray, too, for God’s blessing on those who will be attending the next WMM conference in Phoenix, Az., February 18-19, 2018.