WMM Serving Ethiopian Jewish Believers

As of this month, Sam’s book, Messianic Discipleship, is available in English, Hebrew, Russian, and now the Ethiopian language of Amharic!

For over 3,000 years, a large group of Jewish people have called Ethiopia their home. In the past thirty years, over 100,000 of these people have made Aliyah to Israel, but several thousand still remain in Ethiopia, awaiting the chance to be re-united with their families and community.
Praise God that in recent years, many of these Ethiopian Jewish people are coming to faith in Messiah! Presently, there is a great need for discipleship among these new believers, both in Ethiopia and in Israel, and up to this point, there has not been any discipleship material available in Amharic.
This is why we are so excited to announce the publication of this new translation, available through HaGefen Publishing, the Israeli publishing company who also did the Hebrew translation of Messianic Discipleship.
Already, this first of its kind book has received great interest from the Messianic community in Ethiopia, and a request for 100 books has already been made.

If you know of anyone who can use this new translation as a tool in evangelism and discipleship, please share this exciting news.
And most of all, please pray that the new Amharic speaking believers would grow in Messiah as they follow Yeshua through Messianic discipleship!

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