Messiah in the End Times

When does the Movie come out?

Last July, a waiter asked our happy little group of Word of Messiah staff members, “Are you celebrating something?” We pointed to Sam and said, “Yes! He just gave birth–to a BOOK! And we helped!” 

We told him the title, “Messiah in the End Times”, and briefly described the topic. He responded, “Sounds great! When is the movie coming out?” One group member said, “If you stick around long enough, you might actually live out the movie in real life–but you don’t want to do that!”

While “end-times events” can seem daunting, the good news is that we have the Good News! Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah is God’s perfect sacrifice for us. All of us are responsible to believe, so each of us who believe are responsible to share the Good News with others so they can accept it, as well.”(By the way, Sam didn’t miss that opportunity to let our waiter HEAR that Good News!)

Sam Nadler delivers “Messiah in the End Times” in a conversational and understandable tone and, at the same time, presents a logical and scriptural chronology of events foretold by a host of prophets throughout the Bible. This book offers hope (vs. fear) to believers! As he always does, Sam calls us back to the biblical perspective that all Scripture is Yeshua-centric (it ALL points to the Messiah) and is expressed with a “to the Jew first” perspective.

Don’t wait for the movie (OR for the actual events to unfold)! Order your copy of MESSIAH IN THE END TIMES: A MESSIANIC ESCHATOLOGY today at

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