“This is the Best Marriage Conference and Information I’ve ever Seen”

Yes, that was one of many similar takeaways from this latest Messianic Marriage Zoom Conference. Twenty people attended Word of Messiah’s online marriage seminar on October 22-23 with a large contingent from a Tucson, Arizona-area congregation.

Remember, as congregation planters, we understand that congregations are just a group of families that gather as a community of faith, and that despite the strength of the congregational leadership, a congregation can be no spiritually stronger than the families that make that community.

As always, Sam Nadler used his book, Messianic Marriage Matters – Restored to Our Original Design, as a basis for the seminar. It is a text rich in scripture. In fact, if the biblical teaching about marriage roles and responsibilities were not so clear, there would be no book and no conference. Those sitting under Sam’s teaching quickly realize that his mission is to communicate God’s Word accurately, not promote his own opinions.

Seminar participants shared what they learned as we wrapped up the two days of teaching, questions and answers, and discussion times. Messianic rabbi, Josh Taiz shared, “Hands down, this is the best marriage conference and information I’ve ever seen. The discussion questions were difficult and convicting…but the most hopeful thing. We can have victory in the finished work of Messiah.”

One couple said, “As a result of this conference, we have instituted praying aloud together daily to thank God and express gratitude for any another. We have seven children, so we will also focus prayer on one child each day.”

One engineer-type husband said, “I now understand my role as ‘manager’ vs. ‘fixer’ and how to identify problems without finger-pointing.” He also saw the value of transmitting truth to their children. “We spend years training our children to get a job. We should also train them for marriage.” He and several others said they appreciated the Messianic perspective, culture, and original language referenced.

We had two serious-but-not-quite-engaged couples in attendance. One pair said, “We had been looking for some pre-marital counsel but didn’t want secular teaching. This was perfect.” They are from the Tucson congregation, so they can continue discussing biblical roles and responsibilities with their leaders. The other couple, from the Carolinas, told us, “We feel like we’re on the right track learning this weekend. We’re committed to reading the book together.”

One single woman told us beforehand that she wanted to prepare herself to be the woman God would have her be. “I have attended other marriage conferences and singles seminars, and the teaching at Messianic Marriage matters was by far the best guidance because it was grounded in the Word.”

Families are the core of a body of believers, so having a good contingent from one assembly attend is strategic in moving it toward greater health. Please join us in praying that more congregations will catch the vision of “attending together.” (We offer group discounts–a nice incentive!)

If you would like to have your assembly be the core group in a future Messianic Marriage Matters online conference, email julie@wordofmessiah.org and we’ll work together to make it happen.

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