The Mysterious Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven



If we have a King and a Kingdom, why do Believers often feel defeated in this out-of-control world when all authority has been given into the hands of our King? How can we wisely and successfully navigate our lives through such murky and dangerous waters of this present evil age (Gal 1:4)? What will it take to have His Messianic Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven?

The Messiah addresses these questions with practical and yet profound answers in His parables regarding the mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only when viewed through the lens of a Jewish context that these eight parables fit together seamlessly with the rest of Scripture.

Get answers (and their relevance for your life) to questions like:

*Why is it bad that the mustard plant grew into a tree?

*Why are the birds of the air evil?

*What is so sinister about the leaven in the loaf?

*Why did the woman hide the leaven in the dough?

*What is the urgency of the dragnet that Yeshua wants us to know?

*Why did Yeshua tell 4 parables outside to the large crowd, but then go inside the house and tell 4 more parables to only His disciples?

If we study Yeshua’s parables without their proper Jewish context, it will leave us with distorted and inaccurate interpretations of what He intended for us to understand and live out. When we eliminate the Jewishness from these parables, it will only leave us with questions that lack answers.

The Lord has not called us to a battle-less existence but to be more than conquerors through Him who loved us. This book is a disciple’s manual and map for a victorious life through our victorious King!

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