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Today we are at a time in history that people one hundred years ago could never have dreamed of seeing. At this very moment, a great work of God is happening amongst the Jewish people. Not only are Jewish people coming to faith, but they are also embracing their identity as Jewish believers in Messiah, living as a recognized testimony of God’s faithfulness to Israel and the nations. This is the testimony that was proclaimed by the apostles, but one that has not been biblically taught since the first century.

Most of the major doctrines that evangelical believers hold to as vital matters of faith were developed during a time period when the majority of those who called themselves followers of Yeshua (Jesus) did not believe the Jewish people held any place in God’s purposes and plans. As a result, many of our doctrines have overlooked the essential role of Israel in God’s redemptive plan. What would it look like if we took those doctrines and factored Israel back into the picture? What difference would this make for our lives?

The Israel Factor explores the ten basic doctrines of faith in Yeshua (Jesus), and seeks to factor back in the first-century discipleship norms that have been lost as Israel has been factored out of the equation of Christian teachings from the second century onward.

Confusion on the matter of Israel often leads to confusion concerning the Hebrew Scriptures which leads to a misunderstanding of the New Covenant, and therefore, a misunderstanding of the entire Word of God.

Recommended reading in addition to The Israel Factor is Sam Nadler’s book, Messianic Foundations.

Paperback: 302 pages

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