(PDF) Messiah: The Healer of Women Vol. 2.: Experiencing Yeshua



Face to face with Messiah
This second volume of Messiah: the Healer of Women focuses on the New Covenant women with whom Yeshua interacted during His earthly ministry. This was a time when women were separated from men in private, public, and religious life. They could not go beyond the confines of the Women’s Court at the Temple in Jerusalem and were not allowed to participate in public prayer. Yet during His three years of ministry, Yeshua liberated women, lifting them to an equality with men that was unknown in the first century. Come and meet the women He healed: women who were demon possessed, prostitutes, physically disabled, barren, and full of grief. We will identify with these women because all of us are broken in some way, and many of us continue to struggle with our brokenness even after coming to personal faith in Yeshua the Messiah. Join us on this journey to discover how Yeshua ministered to these women of the first century. Gain encouragement and confidence about what He wants to do in our own lives as we examine the lives of specific women who were healed by Yeshua, the Great Physician. 232 pages.


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