Prayers & Plans for Israel

God has graciously given us many opportunities over the years to serve Him in the Land of Israel.  We are thrilled to be working on the frontlines as we see God at work among Jewish people worldwide.  There haven’t been this many Jewish people coming to faith in Yeshua since the time of the apostles, and Israelis are no exception!  As we anticipate another return trip to Israel in the near future, would you pray with us for the doors of opportunity we see opening before us?  We are seeking God to give the increase and direction in these matters, and trusting Him for the provision needed for our team to go over.

When Miriam and I first ministered in Israel in the 1970’s, most of the Jewish believers there knew every other believer in the country, and those of us who ministered there did as well.  Today, however, there’s no way we could keep track of all the believers in Israel.  Every major city has Messianic congregations of believers who are proclaiming the Good News to their fellow Israelis.  We give God the glory for this incredible growth, and are looking for more work to be done to further God’s Kingdom there.  Please pray with us that God will continue to give the increase as we plant more seeds, see more prayer for the “peace of Jerusalem,” (Ps. 122:6) and for the salvation of Israel (Rom. 10:1), and persevere in the power of His Spirit.

So, what opportunities are we anticipating as we prepare to return?

  • More Messianic congregation planting

This year it is our desire to see 30 more Messianic congregation planters in Israel encouraged, instructed, trained, sent, and coached, and by God’s grace, to see 30 more congregations planted.  This may seem like a high number to some, but we’ve seen God work in this way in the past and are trusting Him for His will in this as we prepare for the future.

We are zealous to see more congregations established in Israel because we believe that the most important work to be done today for the redemption of Israel is the planting of Messianic congregations.   Any one of us can go through a town and hand out evangelistic tracts, talk to individuals we come in contact with, and then leave town, but it is the ongoing work of the local congregation that is going to be the most effective long-term testimony of the Good News to the greater Jewish community around it.

  • More Conferences for Messianic congregation planters and leaders

At this point, doors are opening for us to conduct more conferences for Messianic planters and leaders in various parts of Israel.  We pray that the Lord will use these conferences to raise up leaders and see them trained, coached, encouraged, and resourced in their vital work.  Right now we have these 3 possible opportunities:

o   Northern Israel conference: We have an opportunity to lead a possible conference in the Galilee area.  Please pray that this conference will draw leaders from Haifa and northern Israel.

o   Central Israel conference: We also have an opportunity to lead a conference in the greater Tel Aviv area.  Please pray that this conference will not only be established, but that it will draw people from the greater Tel Aviv and Jerusalem area.

o   Southern Israel conference: If time on our trip permits, we would like to also see a southern conference take place in the Negev.

  • More Resources translated into more languages spoken by Jewish people in Israel

Our Messianic Discipleship book was translated into Hebrew last year, and is being used today to disciple new Hebrew speaking believers around the country.  But we see an even greater need:  Jewish immigrants from around the world arrive in Israel daily.  Though Hebrew is the official language of the country, many other languages are also spoken within the Land.

This past year, we heard about the possibility of having Messianic Discipleship also translated into Amharic (Ethiopian) and Russian.  Praise God that these books are now in the process of being published!

o   When he heard about the Amharic translation project, Solomon Asfaw, a Messianic leader in Ethiopia, expressed, “Wow! What great news.  I can’t wait to see this blessing for my country. I would love to play a part in this historic event.”  He has asked for 100 copies of the book as soon as it is published.

o   Last year, after ministering at Or Ha Olam, a Messianic congregation in a Russian community in Israel, I wrote to their congregational leader, Shmuel Lichtman, and asked if a Russian translation of Messianic Discipleship would help their congregation as many of their members may be able to speak Hebrew, but are unable to read and write in Hebrew as they were too old to attend school when they arrived in Israel.

Shmuel responded, “Thank you for your letter.  You understand correctly the problem of those who speak and think in Russian.  In addition, it’s important for new Israelis (Jewish and non-Jewish) to enter the Israeli culture.  Your discipleship book can help them correctly understand their identity as believers in the Messiah of Israel.  We would be glad to have your book in Russian, and are ready to assist in its publication.”

Please pray with us that these newly translated books will be widely distributed to new believers in Israel as well as in Ethiopia.

We are also currently working on an updated version of our book, Growing Healthy Messianic Congregations.  Please pray that this book will be ready for our trip to Israel and that the Lord may open a door to have it translated as well for the planters there.

  • More Israelis reached by our Livestreaming ministry

Right now we are livestreaming our services from Hope of Israel Messianic Congregation to various parts of the world.  This gives us direct access to share the Good News with the Israeli public.  Please pray that God will give the increase and continue to open up more doors for this vital ministry, especially in Israel.  For those who would like to livestream our services at 10:30 am EST on Saturday mornings, visit

Word of Messiah is grateful for your continued support to help us spread the Word in Israel and around the world both in your prayers and in your giving.  We thank you and bless you for joining with us as we bring the Good News of Messiah to the Jew first and equally to the Gentile!

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