Prayers for Israel

A small Prayer…

Though God through King David commanded us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6), and again through the apostle Paul, we’re told that his “heart’s desire and prayer to God is that Israel would be saved” (Romans 10:1), still many Bible believers don’t pray for the Jewish people. We don’t always see immediate results of our prayers, which can make us think they are irrelevant. How wrong we would be! In Nehemiah 2:5 a quick, silent prayer before the king made all the difference in softening that royal heart to the work God called Nehemiah to do in Jerusalem. But who would ever have thought that such a great work would result from such a small prayer? A small prayer to such a great God produces a great work that reveals the great heart of God.

From Massachusetts to Charlotte

In our Passover Seder Outreach, we had especially prayed for many prebelievers to attend, and there were more hungry hearts than we could have imagined! One couple especially drew my attention. *Sarah and *Jack had seen our plug for Passover on YouTube and drove down from Massachusetts to attend this seder!  Though Sarah was a prebelieving Jewish woman she was interested in spiritual matters and open to the love of God in the Messiah. Her husband Jack confessed the Lord but was evidently very new in the faith.

Isaiah 53

I gave her a Messianic Answer Book before we began the Seder, and I prayed several silent prayers for God to open her heart. Nine people came to faith that evening, but not Sarah. The next morning, she attended our Shabbat service where I taught on “Messiah the first fruits from the dead.” Several other visitors came to faith that morning, but Sarah was not yet certain. We went to lunch after the service and spoke of the Messiah. I asked Sarah to read Isaiah 53 at the table. After she read it, I told her that the prophet wrote that 700 BC. She looked shocked.

Journey Mercies

As the meal ended and they had to get back on the road, I prayed for them both. I prayed that God would give them journey mercies on the long drive back to New England. But they couldn’t understand what exactly I was praying. “What is ‘journey mercies’ and why do we need God to care for us going home?” I explained that there were so many unexpected problems that could occur, that we know that God loves them and will desire their well-being, so we prayed according to His heart for them. 

Yeshua is the Messiah!

Afterward, they told us that on the trip back all they could talk about was that unusual prayer for “journey mercies” and that amazing prophecy of Isaiah 53. And as they crossed over the Massachusetts state line, out of nowhere, a car t-boned them. But they came out of their severely damaged vehicle and realized that they both were unhurt. Sarah immediately realized that the prayer for journey mercies had been answered and that Yeshua is her Messiah and so she exclaimed, “Yeshua saved me! Yeshua is the Messiah!” We are in touch with her, and she and Jack are following the Lord.

Simple Trust in Messiah

A simple prayer for journey mercies that we pray every time we drive anywhere, which is prayed so quickly that it is quickly out of our minds. A prayer that we pray for each other as we leave each other’s company, almost automatically. Simple. Quick. Brief. But nonetheless, God is listening and pleased that we continue to place ourselves into His hands simply, quickly, and briefly. Simple trust that in Messiah’s once and for all atonement we have eternal assurance of His love and constant care for our lives now and forever. 

Your Prayers Matter!

When we respond to God’s great burden for “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 10:6) and allow the love of Messiah simply, quickly and briefly constrain our hearts to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in the Prince of Peace, we are in fellowship with the One who wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41) and weeps to this day. YOUR PRAYERS FOR ISRAEL MATTER! God is listening. Let us keep praying. Please pray as we prepare to go back to Israel in October this year. Pray for the open doors, the provision we will need and for open hearts. Your prayers matter!

*Names changed to protect the Individuals

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