M’dor L’dor Messianic Men Conference report

“Gentleman. This is a football,” were the famous words of Vince Lombardi given to some of the most experienced players in the game from inside the team room of what would become the world champion Green Bay Packers. The phrase was a fitting illustration served up during this years Southeast Messianic Men’s Conference by Sam Nadler that was themed “M’dor L’dor” (From Generation to Generation).

For Lombardi, the challenge was to prepare and shape a group of young men into a football legacy by helping them to recover a shared understanding of and commitment to some core unchanging foundational principals of the game. For Sam and other Messianic leaders present at the conference, the ongoing stewardship challenge was to help disciple and equip a future generation of leaders to faithfully carry on the generationally recent recovery of the sacred calling of sharing Messiah to the Jew first and equally to the gentiles. What a training camp is to building a successful football franchise, the Messianic men’s conference was for building and sustaining healthy Messianic congregations. Following are some observations from the perspective of being in the huddle under the teaching as we as men were being built up in the faith and reenergized with a passion to serve.

While it may seem paradoxical, future generational Kingdom progress is only achieved through our deepening dependence upon our King’s unchanging ancient game plan. We are the ones changing generation to generation not Him. Our Lord doesn’t entertain a “plan B” option. What He has purposed and planned He promised in writing and His word will not come back void. The Lord’s redemptive plan and blessing for the world, which spans from generation to generation until His return, was and still is rooted in and ultimately fulfilled through His promises given to Israel. What a privilege that He invites us all to participate in His progressive redemption of the world! God chooses to love Israel thru us. His personal, permanent and powerful love is available as our resource as we allow Him to reign even now in our hearts until we see the fullness of His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Healthy Messianic congregations are really just a committed huddle of healthy Messianic families and homes. As men we were encouraged with practical ways to maintain a healthy Messianic family and home. Future congregations as well as future generations will both require men with humble hearts fully surrendered to Messiah’s leadership (1 Timothy 3:5). As a participant in the conference it was exciting to be surrounded by committed men from different southeastern Messianic congregations who all share a common calling and through prayer and iron on iron discussions encouraged one another with grace and truth. Each year it is encouraging to see new men in attendance as well as a growing number of faces more and more familiar with each conference along with deepened relationships all encouraging one another in the ongoing work of Messiah.

While many may have heard of Lombardi’s more famous opening to the new huddle of men in training, most would not know the next words were “This season will be the start of something new.” A fitting illustration as well for the expectant men in attendance at M’dor L’dor who gathered as another generation seeking to pass the baton well. Same calling, same truth, same life in Messiah for another generation standing on the shoulders of the previous seeking to carry forward an effective witness in a new season. The timing of the conference falling in this season before Sukkot was ideal to help fix our mind and hearts on the ultimate fulfillment and Hope of our calling.

Older men and younger men alike from congregations including Sha’arei Shalom in Cary NC; Hope of Israel Roanoke Va; and Hope of Israel Charlotte as well as men committed to planting new congregations Hope of Israel, Monroe NC; and Hope of Israel Columbia SC have all now returned to their homes and congregations with refreshed hearts strengthened to serve M’dor L’dor, from generation to generation.

(for more info on the Messianc Men’s conference please go to www.messianicmen.com)

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