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Though WMM is sharing Messiah in so many ways with so many people, I thought Laurel’s recent witnessing opportunity would be a great way to introduce her to our prayer partners.  In her own words…

Can God use a Gentile believer to bring His Good News to Jewish people?

As I’ve been studying what God’s Word says about this through Word of Messiah’s teaching, I see that the answer is absolutely yes!  This is my calling from God as a Gentile believer (Rom. 11:11); yes, I’m a Messianic Gentile!  From the beginning of time, God has had a plan to bring His people back to Himself through the love and mercy He has shown to those of us who aren’t Jewish. (Rom. 11:31) And today, most Jewish believers are coming to faith through the witness of believers who aren’t Jewish.

I praise God that He’s not limited by my limitations, and that as I continue to surrender to Him, He’s given me more of His love for His people, love that truly casts out fear.  He’s patiently teaching me that I don’t need to know exactly what to say ahead of time, but to trust Him and simply love the people He brings into my path.

My husband, Tim, and I have recently been praying for God to bring more unbelieving Jewish people into our lives.  It’s been exciting to see the ways God is answering this prayer; suddenly we’re running into Jewish people everywhere!

When my fears come back, God is so good to remind me over and over that He’s in control, and can use anything as a vehicle for Good News, even… a ‘Hanukkah house’.

An incredible way to identify with and share Messiah with Jewish people is through the feasts and holidays of Israel.  This past December, we were excited to learn more about and celebrate Hanukkah (a.k.a. The Feast of Dedication — John 10:22).  A friend invited us to a ‘Hanukkah house’ building party  (picture a gingerbread house, but substitute the red and green for blue and white, the wreaths for Stars of David, and you have — a Hanukkah house!)  You don’t see these everyday, but I heard that a local supermarket carried them.

I went and searched the store, but didn’t see them.  I was standing there staring at the shelves when Susan*, a friendly store employee came up and asked me, “Can I help you find anything?  I don’t want to be a ‘nudge’, but let me know if you need any help.”  I guess I looked confused, because she quickly explained that she was Jewish and forgets that most people haven’t grown up with Yiddish words as part of their vocabulary.  I was so excited.  “Thank you, God!”  I silently prayed, “Please fill me with your Spirit so I can share your love with this lady.”

“Actually, there is something you can help me with,” I said.  I’m looking for a Hanukkah house building kit,” then quickly explained what it was.  “They make those?” she said. “What a great idea!  I’d love to see one!”  Then she asked, “How did you hear about them?  Are you Jewish?”   I silently thanked God as He brought to mind the response that I’ve loved since hearing it from Sam in his Share Messiah seminar**: “No I’m not, but I love Jewish people because of what the Jewish Messiah has done for me.”

Well, she didn’t ask then and there how she could be saved, but she was curious to meet a Gentile who loved her people so much.  And then she took me around the store asking other employees if they knew about Hanukkah houses, why the store didn’t carry them, and that they really should.

As I left, I prayed for her, and I believe God brought an idea to mind.  The next day I found a different supermarket that carried Hanukkah houses and bought two.  I went back to the store where Susan works, found her and gave it to her.  “Look what I found!  I just couldn’t resist getting one for you too; Happy Hanukkah!”  She was so touched, she started to cry. I invited Susan to our Hanukkah Celebration (an outreach to the community), and gave her my contact info.  Susan hasn’t yet accepted Yeshua, but I’m praying that God will continue to use me and others to water these seeds in her life, and that He’ll open her eyes to her Messiah!

I’m learning that my goal as a believer is not only to lead people to the Lord (since only God can do that!) but to plant seeds of the Good News, to pray, and ask God to grow them.  I wanted to share this small testimony of seed planting to encourage you as you share with Jewish people around you, because God can truly use anyone who is yielded to Him!

*name changed to protect the privacy of the individual

**To listen to the Share Messiah seminar, go to: and look for videos under “Discipleship Resources”

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