Following in the Master’s Steps

Over Labor Day weekend, men from several different Messianic congregations (Hope of Israel Congregation in Charlotte, NC, Hope of Israel Congregation plants in Monroe (NC), Roanoke (VA), and Columbia (SC), Sha’arei Shalom Congregation in Cary, NC, and Adon Olam Congregation in Greenville, SC) came together for a weekend of training and discipleship in the Word at the 2015 Southeast Messianic Men’s Conference.

Tim James, who attended the conference, explains the theme of the weekend, “Following in the Master’s Steps”:

“If there’s ever going to be a movement of God, it’s going to be led by men. God exhorts and encourages men to step up to the plate. But how do we, as Messianic men, become the leaders God wants us to be? By following the example of the perfect Leader! The four Good News accounts of the New Covenant reveal four different facets of Yeshua’s ministry on earth and provide many implications for our lives.

Matthew refers to Yeshua as the King who has authority over all things. Even our house and car payments can be placed under His Lordship. Mark shows Him to be the Servant of all servants. Our leadership abilities are demonstrated as we wash the feet of those we are privileged to serve. Leaders are called to be servants, and this always begins in our homes (I Tim. 3:5). Luke describes Yeshua as the prophesied Son of Man. Each of our weaknesses is an opportunity to demonstrate that God’s grace is sufficient in our lives. And John reveals Yeshua as the Son of God who imitated His Father and lived out His Will. As leaders, we model the values we want others to have. ‘The more we rely on Him, the more we reveal Him.’”

Lew Wayburn, Messianic congregation planter, (Hope of Israel Columbia), expressed the impact this conference had on his life and ministry:

“Learning to better ‘follow in the Master’s footsteps’ is challenging to say the least, yet as we heard, the blessing is in the doing; there are no rewards in Heaven for gained knowledge. My team from Columbia came away with a new zeal for the lost people of our city (to the Jew first and equally to the Gentile).”

Please pray for the men who attended this conference, that they will indeed live out the truth they learned from God’s Word, and find God’s blessing as they impact their families and communities, sharing the Good News, and equipping other men to do so as well through one-on-one discipleship.

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