Eternally Desired Conference Blessings!

By Miriam Nadler

I was recently privileged to lead a day long women’s conference at Calvary Chapel in Richmond, Va.  The conference, based on the book “Eternally Desired” parallels the Jewish wedding steps and the relationship with our Beloved Jesus.

In preparation for this time together, Sarah, the Pastor’s wife, led a number of her women through a Summer/Fall study of the 6 chapters in “Eternally Desired” along with a DVD teaching for each chapter.  It was amazing for me to realize that of the 80+ ladies who attended the conference, approximately 30-40 of them were involved in the planning and execution of the conference.  The “Young at Heart” ladies decorated the tables with beautiful Scripture cards that included a keepsake to take home. Other women of all ages were involved in building and beautifying our meeting room with a wedding Chuppah – (wedding canopy), delicious food presentations and an amazing wedding cake.  A number of these servants also lead the small group breakout sessions and were available to pray with many of the women at the end of the conference.

The following quotes give a snapshot of our conference together that was truly a praise to the glory of our Beloved Jesus as He poured out His grace on us…

From Sarah, the Pastor’s wife: “The months and days leading up to the fellowship were filled with unity in prayer and eager participation by so many. God used this unity to prepare us and stir in us an excitement for His presence on that day. We were so blessed by Miriam, her joy and heart for the Lord!! He used her as His anointed vessel, to teach us about God’s eternal love for us as the Bride of Christ!! He chose us, He paid a price for us, He is preparing a place for us, and He will return for us. She reminded us that while we wait, what we do here on Earth matters for Him. The day was filled with such JOY in Him and with the fellowship of sisters in Christ!!”

“The luncheon was such a blessing and my heart is still full and I remember the precious presence of the Spirit that brought tears to my eyes. I have loved every moment of the journey through this study.” Sue Souder

“I have never had a bible study like Miriam Nadler’s “Eternally Desired“. She told us how the Ancient Jewish Wedding customs offer striking similarities with the mystery of the Bride of Messiah and her Groom, Jesus. Saturday was a glorious day with teaching, fellowship, worship, dining and dancing together. But the best part to me was the Shofar. When I hear the ram’s horn, it just thrills me. It helps me look forward to Jesus’ return.” Charmie Wood

“I started weeping the minute the speaker got up to introduce the program for the day. When I do that it means the Holy Spirit has filled the place. The day was a blessing for me in many ways” Jonnie Lee

“A beautiful day. A sweet reminder of our future in Jesus Christ. The room was filled with so much energy. Miriam was amazing, filled with the Holy Spirit. Drawing us all to the simple truth. We are eternally desired by God, He sacrificed His only Son, so we may have eternal life. Very well-done day.” Shobaha Joseph

“Thank you, Miriam Nadler! Your obedience to Christ Yeshua, has brought many daughters closer to our beautiful Father.” Nettie Howard

Thank you to Sarah and to all the ladies of Calvary Chapel for this opportunity to minister with you. I loved teaching and considering together the vital truths – that we must discover our eternal value in Jesus, our Beloved Groom, and grow deeper in our love for Him and each other. A special “thank you” to Gwen for her beautiful pictures!

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready” (Revelation 19:7).

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