Announcing our First Publication of 2016!

Word of Messiah is pleased to announce the publication of Sam’s newly revised and expanded book: Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations. This hands-on guidebook includes practical training on vital leadership matters such as: how to make strong disciples and raise godly leaders, how to prayerfully assess and address problems, and how to strategically plan for growth and health. Though designed for Messianic leaders and congregation planters, the applications are also relevant for pastors, church planters, and even parents in their God-ordained leadership roles.  Here, Dr. Raymond Gannon,Vice President for Academic Affairs, Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, shares his perspective of the book:


“As an early pioneer in the Messianic Congregational movement myself, I was very eager to review Sam Nadler’s manual on Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations. I reviewed his earlier version for The King’s University course I was teaching a few years ago and found this first version very usable, balanced, detailed, practical, etc. So, when Sam planned to offer his highly spiritual yet practically down-to-earth seminar in Phoenix, Arizona in January, I was pleased to not only invite the entire Phoenix Minyan of Messianic Jewish leaders to participate, but to also pay my own as well as a rabbinic staff member’s registration for a meaningful refresher.


One of the special features for our January seminar was the use of the revamped and highly upgraded manual Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations. This book seems to have nearly double the content of the original version, is incredibly well-organized, filled with wisely chosen practical counsel, and chock full of pragmatic advice on what are invaluable insights into Messianic Congregation planting. While I sat the weekend listening to Sam Nadler offer a room full of Messianic start-ups incredibly sound instruction, I recognized that his seminar carefully punctuated the manual and that the two combined to afford the aspiring Messianic Congregation planter rock solid spiritual and practical guidelines for success.


Not all can attend one of Sam Nadler’s vital seminars. But for anyone planting or intending to plant a Messianic Congregation, Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations is a critically important acquisition. And in its new and extended format, it has proven to be of even greater value.”



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