A Wake-Up Call

Recently, a friend of ours had a conversation not soon forgotten. As *John was talking with his unbelieving Jewish friend, *David, the topic of Messianic believers came up. David asserted that he, “stays away from those Messianics because they’re always trying to get you saved,” but that he “doesn’t mind Christians because they leave Jewish people alone.” John was shocked by this comment and considered it an “indictment on Christians,” including himself. It was stunning to him that Jewish people would generally think of Christians as unengaged when it comes to sharing the Gospel with them.

Although David doesn’t speak for all Jewish people, nor does his comment “paint all Christians with the same brush,” it points to a telling need. Sadly, many Jewish people are not hearing the Good News directly from their Christian friends and acquaintances.

Word of Messiah Ministries is actively working to address this issue in several ways:

  • We are continually training interested churches and individual Christians in ways to share their faith with Jewish people. We want to encourage our family in Messiah with the wonderful news of how Jewish people around the world are coming to faith in Yeshua and assist them in their outreach to Jewish people in their own communities.

Sam is invited to various churches across the country, where he speaks on topics such as, “Messiah in the Passover,” “Israel in Prophecy,” and “The Jewish Evangelism Seminar.” One Pastor in Cornelius, NC remarked, “Every time Sam has ministered to our congregation, the people have been encouraged, equipped, and excited about serving Jesus. Through Word of Messiah Ministries, we have also caught a new passion and burden for Jerusalem and the salvation of the Jewish people.” Another Pastor in Sanford, NC stated, “We thank God for Sam Nadler and Word of Messiah Ministries that has allowed us to have a part in reaching the Covenant people of God with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their work, many Jewish people are hearing the Gospel and coming to saving faith in their Messiah (Yeshua) Jesus!…Our outreach to the Jewish people became a turning point in our church.”

We would love to serve your church in this way as well! To invite Sam or one of our missionaries to your church, visit wordofmessiah.org, or contact our office at: 704-544-1948.

  • We also provide books, MP3’s, free downloads, video seminars, Zoom or live conferences for Christians to study deeper and to be equipped to interact effectively and lovingly with Jewish friends and neighbors. In our Shmooze Letter each month, we strive to include articles and materials that will further equip you in your witness. The Shmooze is meant to be shared with friends, pastors, and fellow church members in order to spread the word and further equip the Body in outreach to Jewish people. 

*Tony, a subscriber to the Shmooze Letter and non-Jewish member of one of the Messianic congregations we work with had an opportunity to share one of our books, Messianic Wisdom, with a Jewish friend who is wrestling with what it means to be a believer in Yeshua while not forsaking his Jewish family members. Tony’s friend was grateful to receive teaching on these matters through the book and was very encouraged that a non-Jewish believer would reach out to him in this way.

  • Word of Messiah is actively doing evangelism and planting Messianic congregations in Jewish communities around the world as a testimony of God’s faithfulness in the Messiah to the Jewish people. We support congregation planters and leaders and regularly hold congregation planting and leadership conferences to train and equip them in their ministry. (Your prayers for our Developing Healthy Messianic Congregations Conference in Roanoke, VA on July 24-25 were greatly appreciated!)

Each of the congregations we help plant works alongside churches in their area to assist them in their witness. As part of the Body of Messiah, we’re here to work with local churches in our shared calling to bring the Good News to Jewish people.

Many believers have used the materials that Sam has written. Regarding The Messianic Answer Book, one believer studied it very carefully. It wasn’t long before a Jewish acquaintance came by for a visit and asked the exact same questions that are written in the book. Through the obedient witness of this one believer, the acquaintance accepted Yeshua as their Messiah!

Through healthy Messianic congregations, Jewish believers like Tony’s friend are discipled in what it means to live out a testimony of God’s faithfulness as present-tense Jewish believers in Messiah, as we see in the life of Paul (Rom. 11:1, Acts 21:39) and many others throughout Scripture. Non-Jewish believers are also discipled in such a way as to grow in effective witness to Jewish friends and neighbors.

It is vital for all believers in Yeshua to be discipled in such a way as to be able to communicate their faith to Jewish people. May it never be said of any believer that they “leave Jewish people alone,” but rather that they make the Good News an unavoidable reality as they share the love of Messiah with unbelieving Jewish people!

*Names changed to protect privacy of the individual

Written by: WMM Staff

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