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Messiah in the Feast of Firstfruits

Messiah in the Feast of Firstfruits

By Sam Nadler   As we prepare for the Feast of Passover, many people ask about the parallels between Passover and Easter. But are you also aware of the biblical feast of Firstfruits? The Feast of Firstfruits illustrates Messiah’s resurrection in light of Passover, thus disclosing the Resurrection in its proper biblical context. Firstfruits originates… Read more

A Calendar Conundrum

A Calendar Conundrum

Why would Resurrection Sunday be an entire month before Passover?     By Sam Nadler   Usually the Resurrection season and the Passover season overlap.  However, every few years we encounter an inconsistency in the calendar when believers will celebrate the Lord’s resurrection at Easter a full month before the biblical observance of the Lord’s… Read more

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