Eternally Desired
Scripture describes the Body of Messiah as the “bride” of Yeshua. As His bride, each one of us who trusts in Yeshua is eternally desired by Him. Symbolism from the wedding ceremony is woven throughout the fabric of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Covenant. In this seminar, Miriam Nadler explores the ancient Jewish wedding customs and parallels them with Scripture. Since a wedding is one of the most joyful events in life, it serves as a perfect way to understand the joy, provision, and security freely given to those who are in Messiah. We rejoice in the fact that our Groom, Yeshua, has chosen us to be His own special treasure! See the book that accompanies this seminar, Eternally Desired
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to see the book that accompanies this seminar: "Eternally Desired"
to see the book that accompanies this seminar: "Eternally Desired"

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