Discipleship Training
When Yeshua gave the Great Commission to His disciples, He commanded them to make disciples, not just decisions. When a person comes to faith in Yeshua, it is just the beginning of their walk with Him! Discipleship is the process through which a believer is rooted and grounded in their faith. For both Jewish and Gentile believers, discipleship is essential in order to grow in His love and effectively proclaim His faithfulness to the Jew first and equally to the Gentile. Whether you have yet to be discipled yourself, or are ready to disciple others, this seminar will help you to grow in the foundational matters of our faith. See the book that accompanies this seminar, Messianic Discipleship
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to see the book that accompanies this seminar: "Messianic Discipleship"
to see the book that accompanies this seminar: "Messianic Discipleship"

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