Assisting Messianic Leaders to Succeed

The ministry of leadership has become a perilous journey. In a world of changing cultural values and heightened expectations, the pressure to continually succeed weighs heavily upon today's ministry leader. Too often the leader's role is undefined, increasing the risk of public criticism and stress.

Wise and effective leaders (and teams) have always benefited from coaching through a variety of means: counselors, mentors, advisers, teachers, trainers, rabbis, etc. (See Gen. 41:12-39; Ex. 18:14-24; 1 Sam. 15:31-37; l Kings. 12:6-16; Acts 18:24-26; 27:31-44)

Leadership is a calling. It demands decisiveness amidst ambiguity. While remaining "above reproach" (I Tim. 3:2), the leader is expected to achieve certain accomplishments, results and measurable growth in accordance with a bottom line which is often unclear. Consequently, leaders are falling prey to burnout and moral failure at an increasing rate. Many are leaving the leadership ranks altogether. This trend will be reversed as leaders take initiative to partner with godly, qualified coaches.

Our Leadership Coaching Program
Word of Messiah offers assistance to Messianic leaders, leadership teams, and their congregations in the following areas:

✡ Understanding Messianic Congregation Planting: This provides the model to help the planter/team develop biblical and practical goals for a congregation.

✡ How to establish a Messianic ministry in new areas: Learn a "first things first" approach to launch and develop your ministry.

✡ How to grow as a Messianic leader: Discover how you and your family can grow and mature through God's work without experiencing burnout and division.

✡ How to develop essential Messianic congregational systems: Discover the primary systems and skills to ensure healthy congregational growth and maturity.

✡ How to build effective leaders around you: The real work of ministry is to pass the torch-without getting burned.

✡ Understanding the responsibilities of Messianic leadership: Learn how to channel your time and energy toward priority issues, thus enabling you to fulfill your calling.

✡ Developing practical, strategic action plans: Reach your goals while enhancing unity in the fellowship and effectiveness in your ministry.

✡ Enhance your Bema (pulpit) ministry: Gain the tools for teaching God's Word in an expository style.

Sam Nadler is available to work with your congregation and provide leadership training and customized coaching.

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