Video Training 2
In the 8 parts of this second training session, Sam covers several key issues that Messianic congregations face. Many factors must be prayerfully considered when planting a new congregation, including: deciding what format to use as you move forward in the planting process; assigning different roles to your team based on their God-given personalities and qualifications; developing a singular vision and common values in your core group; determining what model of worship to use in your services; how to plan for congregational development and growth; developing systems for accountability; etc. Through these topics, Sam also teaches on the three core ministries of a healthy congregation, and how to make contacts who are developed into disciples, then members, and finally, fellow leaders.
Session 2 - Part 1
Session 2 - Part 2
Session 2 - Part 3
Session 2 - Part 4
Session 2 - Part 5
Session 2 - Part 6
Session 2 - Part 7
Session 2 - Part 8

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