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Messiah in the Feast of Firstfruits

Messiah in the Feast of Firstfruits

By Sam Nadler   As we prepare for the Feast of Passover, many people ask about the parallels between Passover and Easter. But are you also aware of the biblical feast of Firstfruits? The Feast of Firstfruits illustrates Messiah’s resurrection in light of Passover, thus disclosing the Resurrection in its proper biblical context. Firstfruits originates… Read more

Sharing Messiah

Sharing Messiah

  For many who have been through the teaching of Sam’s “Share Messiah Seminar,” the fruit continues to grow as they bring the Good News to the Jew first, but not to the Jew only!   “Share Messiah,” available to watch on, is a ten-session training seminar designed to equip believers to lovingly and effectively… Read more

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