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Paul’s Festival Observances – Are they yours?

Paul’s Festival Observances – Are they yours?

    Are Paul’s Festival Observances Yours?   by Sam Nadler   When it comes to the annual festivals, it is largely assumed that these appointed times are a non-biblical issue for New Covenant believers, especially Gentile believers (non Jewish believers). This is a false assumption. In fact it is assumed these festivals are observanced… Read more

Tampa Triumphant!

Tampa Triumphant!

  By WMM Staff   Late in February, Messianic leaders from Canada and throughout the US met for a two-day conference in Tampa, Florida for outreach and development of Messianic congregations. The conference was conducted by Sam Nadler, and was graciously hosted by Rabbi Steve Weiler and Shoresh David (Root of David) Congregation.   The guiding theme of the conference was as follows:   Establishment of effective Jewish evangelism through… Read more

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