Sam Nadler
Sam Nadler is founder and president of Word of Messiah Ministries. In his forty years of Messianic ministry, Sam has focused on raising leaders who plant Messianic congregations and make disciples. Sam mentors Messianic leaders around the world and is recognized as a congregation planter, teacher, and leaders’ coach. Sam has conducted numerous Messianic congregation planting and leadership conferences throughout North and South America, Israel, and Europe. To equip the Messianic community and the greater Body of Messiah in their calling to make Messianic disciples, Sam has written multiple books on Messianic congregation planting, discipleship, outreach, and the Feasts of Israel.
Miriam Nadler
Miriam Nadler, as co-founder of Word of Messiah, serves as head of Women's Ministries. Miriam has been in active ministry for forty years, discipling and teaching women from a Messianic framework. As a teacher, she has travelled throughout the US, Israel, and Europe, sharing with women the message that true fulfillment is found through honoring God with their lives. Miriam has written several books which are used in women’s discipleship programs and Bible studies around the world. She also serves as speaker at women’s conferences, retreats, and Bible studies. As a gifted songwriter and worship leader, Miriam enriches her teaching of the Word with music and singing.

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